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Contest opens on September 3 and ends September 7

Humans of Orientation

These are their Orientation stories. Are you ready to start writing yours? Inspired by the Humans of New York series created by Brandon Stanton, the goal of this series is to introduce the different roles in Orientation and provide incoming NewCs an insight on everything that is Orientation through personal testimonies and stories from past and present individuals who have been or are a part of Orientation. Want to share your Orientation Story? For more information and to submit an entry, go to: Humans of Orientation Info and Entry

Ingrid Lui

Role in Orientation 2018: Leader

Fourth Year, Psychology and Global Health

"As a NewC, I was able to make lasting connections with people I still consider to be my best friends today, some of whom I would never have met without the help of Orientation. The activities offered were the perfect mix of social and academic, and both really helped to prepare me for the year ahead. However, my most vivid impression of Orientation would have to be the sense of community I felt with the people around me as we chanted and cheered about our New College pride. Orientation has definitely been one of the major highlights of my time here at UofT, and it really is an unmissable experience."

Amalia Caballero on right

Amalia Caballero

Role in Orientation 2018: Head Leader

Fourth Year, Molecular Genetics and Evolutionary Biology

"This year I will be one of the head leaders in New College's orientation. Besides guiding my own group of New C's, I will also be guiding other leaders during orientation week. This is exiting because there will first years students who depend on me to help them acclimate to university, as well as a lot of leaders who will depend on me to ensure their job is a bit less daunting. I'm ready to give it my best to ensure this year's orientation is one of the best ones ever! Not only for the new students but for my fellow leaders and marshals as well."

Tammy Lee

Role in Orientation 2018: Leader

Fourth year, Double major in Cell & Systems Biology and Molecular Genetics, minor in Visual Studies

"A leader! This will be my third and final year (hoping to graduate, fingers crossed) joining the orientation team as a leader. A lot of my friends who joined the team went for different positions (Execs, Dons, Marshals etc.) after their first year as a leader, but I've always stayed in the team as a leader. The position allows you to interact with NewCs but at the same time you also get to meet people on the team. U of T is a really big and diverse university; meeting new people and learning about their stories is definitely what I look forward to the most as a leader."

PJ Gamueda

Role in Orientation 2018: Leader

Third year, Life Science

"Hello!! My name is PJ! I was a NewC not too long ago (2 years ago) and I have to say that being a NewC at Orientation was awesome! I made so many friendships and learned so many things about the UofT campus in a short period of time! Many of those friendships have lasted up until now - just last week, I was able to attend one of my leaders’ (@ohyouknowhu) post-graduation (and I couldn’t be prouder of him). Orientation week also helps you make connections—some of the people you meet will most likely be in the same program (I met some of the friends I study with at Orientation)! Lastly, Orientation was great as a NewC because of the “newness” of everything. It was comforting to hear that the doubts or anxiety we sometimes feel is shared, and that you can talk about upcoming lectures and plans with your fellow NewCs and leaders! Overall, being a NewC at Orientation was great and I’d do it all again in a heartbeat if I could :)"