Meet the Team

Zahra Babrawala

Orientation Coordinator

4th year, Rotman Commerce Management specialist with a concentration in Marketing; minor in Economics

"4 years of instagram worthy orientation moments has taught me this: New College has a way of making you feel like you’re part of it’s community even when you’ve got nowhere else to go. I can’t wait to meet all of you during and beyond this amazing orientation experience. Welcome to the family NewCs!"

Fatima Mustafa

Orientation Coordinator

3rd year, Neuroscience, Immunology, French Studies

"Orientation was honestly the highlight of my years at U of T, both as a NewC and as a Leader. Even though Orientation only lasted a week, I felt as though I was part of a family for the rest of the year. The reason I’m an Orientation Coordinator today is because I want to help every student to feel included and part of the amazing New College community."

Rajita Sharma


3rd year, Neuroscience and Cell & Systems Biology

"Coming from a small town to a HUGE university is one of the scariest thing (at least it was for me). Coming to New College, from the moment I got here, everyone was so welcoming and kind…I felt instantly at ease! Orientation let me get comfortable with being in this big campus, knowing that I always have New College family around me. Orientation was one of the most memorable moments that I look back on fondly! I cannot wait to meet all of you soon :)"

Nasa Ekeanyanwu


4th year Double major in Neuroscience and Psychology; Minor in Physiology

"To be completely honest, in my first year I didn’t go to all of the events that were held during my orientation. The main one I remember missing was the ROM semi formal. It wasn’t until my second year that I realized what a great event I missed. University is a scary process, especially when you don’t know anyone and this can make Orientation feel a bit awkward. My advice is to give it all a try. These events are made for you and by the end of them you could find yourself having the time of your life and feeling more confident about Uni as a whole. I really hope you come out and I can’t wait to meet all of you!"

Andrew Peluso


3rd Year, Neuroscience and Immunology

"Orientation is truly an experience full of memorable moments, and to do it with the New College community makes it even more special. I can’t wait to experience O-Week with you all!"

Sharon Tung


3nd year, Linguistics and Literature & Critical Theory

"Being in first year and not knowing anyone coming in was a really daunting experience for me when I started, however, I quickly learned how truly warm and welcoming New College is. Some of the people I am closest with to this day are people I met during my orientation (SHOUT OUT TO NEWVENGERS 2016) and my hope is that you can find that here too. Can’t wait to meet everyone in September and if you ever need to find me, look out for the girl with megaphone and all the crazy cheers!"

Marco Ly


4th year, Computer Science and Cognitive Science

"University can often be a challenge. A whole world of problems, old and new. But at New College you are always welcome and we offer support and reprieve from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Orientation will show you what New College has got and so much more, allowing you to start off university with a spring in your step. We’re thrilled to have you!"

Patricia Ponce

Marketing & Graphic Design

3rd year, Sociology and Mathematics

"The moment I came to New College as a NewC, I immediately fell in love with the community. Since then, I have made so many friends and connections through the many opportunities available within the college, including Orientation! We are really excited for you to experience O-Week as yourself. See you in September!"

John Leung


4th year, Health Studies Major; Equity & Sociology Double Minor

"New College Orientation is like High School Musical 3: Senior Year. Everybody will be dancing and singing in the hallways. Orientation is also one of the three times when I feel connected to the college, the other two times being when I shout “New on two” before Intramural games and when I come to Wilson Lounge (for free food)."

Peter Lin

Volunteer Management

4th year, Human Biology: Health and Disease Spec.

"New College Orientation makes me happier than the season renewal for Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The week will represent some of your most memorable moments in your entire undergrad. O-week represents everything New College has to offer: exciting student life, great food, meaningful friendships. Can’t wait to meet you!"

Zain Qureshi


4th Year, Rotman Commerce Accounting Specialist

"Orientation will give you the chance to make friends and memories that will last you throughout your time at UofT. New College community is very welcoming and filled with opportunities. We got a very fun and exciting week planned and can’t wait to meet you!"

Samantha Fassnacht

Web Design

2nd Year, Computer Science and Environmental Science

"Orientation is full of opportunities. Whether you're meeting new friends (and future best friends!) at one of the social events, learning how to handle university academics, or exploring the city, have fun and experience it all!"

Moeed Saeed


3rd Year, Computer Science

"Welcome to New College. ENJOY!"