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September 3

Group Time

Opening Ceremony


A Year in Review

New-mazing Race

Group Time

Open Mic

Family Feud

September 4

Breakfast with NCSC

Group Time

Mock Lecture

Grab-n-go Lunch

Pre U of T

Common Ground

Explore TO

Dinner & ROM Preparation (1st bus @ 6:45)

September 5

Group Time

Picture Perfect

Clubs Carnival

Mythbusters & Snacks


September 6

Breakfast with NC Student Groups & Commuter Dons

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6

Session 3

Yoga with MoveU

September 7

Breakfast with NC Student Services

Session 3

Session 4

Session 2

Session 6

Session 5

Session 1

NC-SE Sports Competition

C-Gnu Later

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Down Time

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High Energy:


Semi Formal:

Group Time (NC Quad)

Get to spend some time with your group for the week. There will be time to talk to your leaders and other members of your group, as well as time for ice breaker activities and cheer learning!

Opening Ceremony (NC Quad)

The Opening Ceremony is the start of your journey at the University of Toronto. The ceremony will include some words from your Orientation Coordinators, the New College Dean of Students, as well as one of our great alumni! It will also include interactive activities so you’ll have a chance to interact with incoming students of other groups.


“Strap in. This is where it all begins” -Marco Ly, Sponsorship Executive

A Year in Review (WI1016, William Doo)

Get to know your New College resources! This academic session will get you acquainted with all your local resources, including the New College Registrar, Writing Centre and the Office of Residence and Student Life (ORSL).


“Your first preview of what September-April looks like for the year” -Todd LeBlanc, Assistant Dean, Student Life and Leadership

NEW-mazing Race (NC, Kensington to Bloor)

This amazing event will allow you to explore your NEW home. Figure out the clues with your group and find your way through the streets of Toronto. There will be pit stops along the way where you will be able to try samples such as ice cream and juice to keep you energized throughout the race. The first team to get back gets a prize!


“As Jon Montgomery would say on The Amazing Race Canada, ‘the world is waiting’.” -John Leung, Marketing and Promotions Executive

Block Party (NC, Willcocks Commons)

This year’s block party will take place along Willcocks Commons, just east of New College. There will be a full street full of fun activities such as bouncy castles, life sized board games, food trucks, music and University of Toronto clubs information booths. There will also be a Board Game Cafe taking place in Wetmore Lounge, as well as an Open Mic Night outside in the New College Quad!

Open Mic (Quad)

Bond with your fellow NewCs and come show off your talents and skills - from poetry reading to miming, whatever you choose!


“Can’t wait to see what the new class of students has in store for us! ” - Sami, Web Designer

Family Feud (WI1016, 1017)

Occuring parallel to the Block Party, Family Feud is an opportunity for incoming students to get the inside scoop on what upper year students think of life here at the University of Toronto. We asked our team of 150 upper year students to answer questions provided by you - the incoming students. Come and take a guess at what the most popular answer was among them and get to know your campus before your first day of classes!


“Steve Harvey would be jealous” -Andrew Peluso, Events Executive

Breakfast with NCSC (Wilson Lounge)

NCSC (New College Student Council) is the governing body of all New College students. They are dedicated to ensure that all New College students have a place to call home by hosting events, and defending your interests. Come meet the team as you enjoy our very own Waffle Bar. There will be a variety of toppings such as fresh fruit, whipped cream, and more!


“It’s scientifically proven that waffles are great for the mind, soul, and friendships” -Zahra Babrawala, Orientation Coordinator

Mock Lecture (WI1016, WI1017, SS2117, SS2118, SS2102)

Our Mock Lecture is your first taste of a class here at U of T. This academic event will allow you to enjoy a lecture by one of our renowned professors. They will also be giving you super important tips on note-taking in class and focusing on the main points!


“I still use the tips I learned in mock lecture” -Fatima Mustafa, Orientation Coordinator

Pre- U of T (Various Locations)

Another one of our very useful academic events. All groups will divide up by area of study, and you will have the opportunity to ask questions and get some survival hacks that are tailored to your program!


“Definitely the earliest and easiest way to “shadow” your future profs.” -Nasa Ekeanyanwu, Events Executive

Common Ground (ES1050)

Common Ground, led by B. K. Chan - a renowned sex and emotional literacy educator, is a chance for you to learn about crucial issues in an accessible and entertaining way. Topics of discussion will include consent and non-violent communication that are relevant to university life.


“A safe and open space for the awkward and difficult questions about being a young adult in university.” -Bea Almonares, Head Leader

Explore T.O. (Start at NC)

Our Toronto Tour Busses will give you great information on some cool places around Toronto. The busses are double decker, which makes the experience so much better!


“The best place to be loud of obnoxious while chanting New College cheers is definitely on top of a double decker bus.” -Patricia Ponce, Marketing and Promotions Executive

ROM Semi Formal (Royal Ontario Museum)

This year’s semi formal will be happening at the ROM! Experience one of Toronto’s most popular attractions with the rest of your incoming class. The event will include dancing, desserts, and giveaways. Shuttle busses will be provided for transportation from New College to the ROM.

Picture Perfect

Test your UofT knowledge by participating in a picture scavenger hunt with your teams, and get the chance to win prizes

UTSU Parade (Starts at Varsity, end KCC)

Organized by UTSU (University of Toronto Student Union), the Parade involves incoming students from all 3 U of T campuses. During the parade, U of T takes over the streets of Toronto. Come join us at one of the most spoken about events at U of T, where there will be cheer offs, dancing, and music!


“The highlight of Orientation Week! Nothing beats the amazing time you spend showing off your school pride through the heart of Downtown.” -Bushra Ahmed, Head Marshal

UTSU Clubs Carnival (Front Campus)

Occurring immediately after the parade, the Clubs Carnival will take place on Front Campus and will have LOTS of booths for clubs at U of T. You can ask questions, sign up for tryouts, and get lots of free swag. There will also be games and activities, as well as food trucks and more!


“ This is one of my favourite events because I get to explore U of T clubs before I sign up for anything. Don’t forget to bring an extra bag for all the U of T club swag you are going to get! ” -Amalia Caballero, Head Leader

Mythbusters (Wilson Lounge)

Mythbusters is your chance to get the inside scoop about university life. Anonymously ask the upper year student panelists any burning questions about U of T, and they will give you an answer!

Karaoke(Wilson Lounge)

A chance to sing your heart out with the people you will spend most of your time with!


“Karaoke is 1% talent and 99% courage” -Naz Georgis-Yap, Head Leader

Escape Room (NC Basement)

The New College Escape Room, designed by the Orientation Team, will challenge you to escape the insanely confusing New College basement. Try your best to escape the room with the clues and hints provided with your team.


“Navigating this room is easier than navigating New College’s basement” -Marco Ly, Sponsorship Executive

Breakfast with New College Student Groups and Commuter Dons(Wilson Lounge)

For anyone that wants to get involved with New College clubs, this is your chance to get to know them! Commuter Dons will also be there, and they are extremely helpful with tips and advice to make the most out of your commute.


“Just give me a McGriddle.” -Johnson Zheng, Head Leader

Yoga in the Quad (NC Quad)

Hosted by MoveU, this event will be super relaxing and a great way to learn some de-stressing techniques on the first day of classes.


“ Yoga in the Quad is the perfect opportunity to relax! Orientation week is full of excitement and activities, so I always make sure to attend a yoga session to decompress and prepare myself for the upcoming university semester ” -Amalia Caballero, Head Leader

NCSC BBQ (Wilson Lounge)

Join NCSC for a back-to-school, college-wide, BBQ party with free food, games, and so much more!


“Going back to school with free burgers is the best.”- Sami, Web Designer

Family Game Night (Minute to Win It) (Wilson Lounge)

This face paced game will test your precision, focus, and accuracy - all under a minute. Come join your New College Family and compete against the clock for some great prizes!


“Nothing says NEW Family than friendly competition that challenges you in the most amazing way. I loved watching this game show while growing up and I hope you all have twice as much fun participating in it!” -Zahra Babrawala, Orientation Coordinator

Breakfast with New College Student Services (Wilson Lounge)

This breakfast will be served by New College Student Services, such as the registrar and the writing centre. These are super helpful resources that are accessible to all New College Students - why not get a head start and learn how to make the most of them now?!


“I didn’t know about half of the services offered at New College. This event definitely helped me get to know what resources the college has to offer.” -Patricia Ponce, Marketing and Promotions Executive

Sports Competition (AC Gym)

Compete against other incoming students and leaders. This sports competition will be happening in the Athletic Centre, where we will play games such as dodgeball, basketball and handball. Come out to this event for a chance to meet other students, as well as some friendly competition.


“Through my three years at university, I have met some of my closest friends through Intramurals and recreational athletics. Take this event to meet new people who have similar interests as you and learn ways on how you can pursue athletics at U of T or pick-up a new sport! ” -John Leung, Marketing and Promotions Executive

Exotic Animals and Bubble Tea (Wilson Lounge)

For this event, Wilson Lounge will be transformed into a ‘petting zoo’. There will be lots of animals there for you to play with. Bubble tea will also be served!

C-Gnu Later (Quad)

A tradition to end off the week. Come out and join us while we say goodbye to Orientation Week and start off the academic year, with your last chance to get free Orientation food. Raffle tickets will be drawn, awards will be given, and lots of giveaways will happen at this event!


“You made it and started your UofT experience the right way. Now you know we’re not all talk” -Zain Qureshi, Finance Executive

UTSU Jays Game

Join UTSU, and all other colleges and faculties at UofT to cheer on Toronto’s very own Blue Jays at their baseball game. This university-wide event will help you feel more at home here than ever. P.S: the pre-game rally will be lit.


“You can’t know what Toronto’s all about without going to a Jay’s game” - Andrew, Events Executive

Session 1- Beyond Google

Beyond Google: Effective Library and Online Research
A critical skill for successful university-level papers and projects is the ability to find and use what scholars and researchers have already written on your topic. Learn how to get around the UofT Libraries website to find books, peer-reviewed articles and other materials you need for your papers.

September 6: New College Library
September 7: Room 2007

Session 2- Keeping Up With your Profs

Keeping up with your Profs: How to Take Useful Lecture Notes and Use Them to Study Effectively
How do you know what is important in a lecture? Learn to distinguish between concepts and facts and write down what is important. Learn to work with your prof’s lecture style and to notice cue words. Notetaking builds on what you do before lecture and is a key part of the learning process. Find note-taking strategies that work for you.

September 6: Room 2007
September 7: Library

Session 3- Becoming a better researcher

Becoming a better researcher: Working with sources and avoiding plagiarism
You have heard of plagiarism but you aren’t completely sure what it is. In this session you will learn how to integrate and properly document multiple sources of information while distinguishing your own thinking from the ideas you read in books and articles. Avoiding plagiarism is one component of learning to become a researcher in our fields; we think critically with sources and use them carefully to further the goals of our own writing.

September 6: Room 2007, Library
September 7: Library

Session 4- Writing and Research Transition

Making the transition from high school to university writing and research
University assignments are less focused on description and more focused on academic research and analysis than high school assignments. They also differ across various fields of study more than high school assignments do and use different kinds of research sources. Learn to recognize the key differences so that you are prepared when you get your first assignments.

September 6: Room 2007
September 7: Room 2002

Session 5- "Things I Wish I Knew Panel"

A panel including New College staff and students.

September 6: Room 2007
September 7: Library

Session 6- Communicating with your profs

More info coming soon!
September 6: Room 2007
September 7: Room 2007