Frequently Asked Questions

Will food be provided during the week? Will dietary restrictions be accommodated?

Yes there are meals and snacks provided through the week, however with minimal food provided during transition days. Our food supplied accommodates halal, vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options wherever possible. You are encouraged to bring your own snacks too!

Will there be on-campus living accommodations for commuter students?

Yes! Commuter students are encouraged to sign up for our billeting program where you are paired up with residence students, so long as there are an equal number of each, from Monday morning to Wednesday evening which is the period of full day programming before school starts. Booking these rooms cost $20, and you will be required to arrive early (at 8:00 am) on Monday morning to settle in early before registration. Spots fill up on a first come first serve basis. Check out the billeting tab for more information!

What happens if I’m late?

Don’t fret, we won’t leave you behind! Go to the Office of Residence and Student Life at the corner of Wilson Hall (ask the front desk at 40 Willcocks Street for directions if needed) to get connected with us.

Will there be alcohol at Orientation?

No, orientation is strictly a dry event week. Safe and fun aren’t opposite experiences, and we promise a week full of excitement without the presence of alcohol!

Can I bring a friend?

If your friend is a UofT student, they are allowed to register for New College Orientation. However, unregistered individuals are not allowed during the week. Leave your parents at home too, experience the excitement of orientation through fostering new relationships at campus. You can always find a friend at New College!

What is the difference between New College Orientation and Ignite?

Ignite is a one day academic orientation taking place on the Saturday after Orientation Week limited to 120 students at a first-come-first-serve basis. Both orientations aim to prepare you for the years ahead, where Orientation Week has a mix of social and academic activities and Ignite focuses on academic preparation. Students are welcome to take part in both Orientations; however, you will have to complete both registration forms.

Do I have to wear New College t-shirts throughout Orientation?

Although we encourage you to wear the t-shirt provided throughout the week, it is not mandatory. Your wristband, provided upon registration, is your key to all activities until Friday night and should remain on your hand to allow you to make the most of Orientation Week.

Will there be phone chargers provided?

New College houses charging stations in its buildings where you can charge your phones, however we are not in responsible for items left unaccompanied so keep an eye on them We STRONGLY encourage you to bring your own phone chargers (charged portables ones are great to have on your person, but so are regular ones- make sure you have a Canadian adapter!)

Where do I register?

Click on the link to your right that has the words “Register” on it to sign up for one of the most most amazing weeks of your University Career. If the link does not work, head on over directly to:

I’ll be commuting from far away, will it be worth my time?

Absolutely! Commuting during Orientation Week has been done for years! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity, just because of a commute you may have to take during the year anyways! However, if you’re like us and want to make the most of your day without the added pressure of needing to leave early to commute, come live on residence through our pilot billeting project! For only $20 you get access to accommodation on residence from Monday - Wednesday (before school starts). To find out more about this exciting opportunity, click on the tab in the navigation bar titled Billeting!

I’m a residence student, how can I make the most of Orientation?

The best part about living in residence is that Orientation is right at your doorstep. There’s no better way to get involved with New College, get prepared for UofT, and make friendships that will last you for the next four years than to participate in the event of the year! We encourage you to click on the billeting tab in the navigation bar above to find out how you can become friends with, and help out, your incoming classmates that commute during Orientation Week. By allowing them to set their things and sleeping bags in your room so that they don’t need to miss out on any of the Orientation gems, you get to foster friendships with your temporary roommates, and are automatically entered in a contest that allows you the chance to win amazing prizes! Click on the billeting tab for more details!

Do I have to attend all the events?

Now we can’t mandate you to come to all the events (You’re out of high school, feel free to explore as you choose!), but we encourage you to come out to any and all the events. Check out the schedule and event descriptions to find out about all the amazing events we have planned for you! There’s no HYPE without YOU (Not grammatically correct, but it’s what’s between the lines that counts)! We’re sure you won’t be disappointed!

Will photographs and videos be published?

By registering for Orientation you agree to have your photographs taken throughout the week at all events, and are property of New College. These can be used by you to post on social media about your exciting Orientation adventures (join the Facebook page to get access to images), or used by the Office of Residence and Student Life (ORSL) and NC Orientation to be used for promotional material for college spaces and activities via social media. If you would like your photograph taken down, please email your request to Thank you for your cooperation!

Are refunds available?

Refunds are available up to 2 weeks before Orientation Week.

How do ticket prices change?

Early Bird Prices (May to Mid June): $100
Regular Ticket (Mid June to August): $120
Late (August to September): $130
Week of Orientation (September 1st - 7th): $140
Note: Although you are allowed to purchase tickets the week of Orientation we highly encourage you to make the most of cheaper ticket rates by purchasing your regular ticket, which allows us to best prepare for all future Orientation attendees.