What is Billeting?

The billeting program is a new program within New College, in which incoming students living on residence and participating at Orientation 2018 have the option to host a commuter student for Orientation week. This program aims to make Orientation more commuter friendly, as well as allow commuter students to integrate themselves into the New College community.

As a residence student, we invite you to billet out your room, i.e.: share your room (single or double) with a commuter from Monday morning at 8:00 am to Wednesday evening at 5:00 pm. By filling out the forms you will be assigned a roommate that best meets your information provided, to ensure a quality match.

Commuter students that wish to participate in this program are responsible for bringing their own sleeping bag and other necessities, as well as paying a fee $20 that will be paid on the Monday of Orientation, during registration. You will not get access to the New College dining hall apart from Orientation funded meals.

Move in for commuter students that are staying for Orientation week will take place at 8:00am of the first Orientation day (September 3rd 2018), and Move out is on Wednesday, September 5th 2018 by 5:00 pm.

Billeting may be new at NEW, but check out the testimonials from other colleges:

Billeting Testimonials

Why Billet

Help out your fellow incoming students - they’re a guaranteed friend for the week! Whether you need company to the Jays game, or need outfit advice for the ROM semi formal, you have someone by your side!

By allowing them to set their things and sleeping bags in your room so that they don’t need to miss out on any of the Orientation gems, you are automatically entered in a contest that allows you the chance to win amazing prizes, such as:

Guaranteed prizes include:

Why Sign Up to Stay on Res


What to bring: Cash $20 on registration day

Deadline (before waitlist): Aug 12th, 12 pm NOON

A list of how to prep for billeting will be up soon - keep checking the website for updates!

Registration Form

New College Orientation Billeting Form 2018